Living Donation

Questions to Ask As You Consider Living Donation

Donating an organ to someone else is a big decision. There are many factors you must think about carefully. Ask yourself the following questions. Go through them more than once. These questions will help you explore your feelings, your relationship (if any) to the donor, your expectations, your motivation for donating, and whether or not you are ready and willing to donate.

My Knowledge

  • Why do I want to donate my organ to someone else?
  • Do I feel I have received enough education and information to make an informed decision to donate? Do I have any unanswered questions?
  • Have I considered all the benefits and risks of donation to myself and my family?
  • Have I adequately considered and prepared myself for the risks of surgery?
  • Will anyone be upset with me if I do not donate? If so, who?

My Health

  • Am I in good physical shape and able to withstand surgery?
  • Am I prepared to deal with post-operative pain and discomfort from surgery?
  • Is there anything I need to do to improve my physical health and make recovery easier, such as exercising, quitting smoking, or losing weight? Will I need help or support to do this?
  • Am I able to manage my recovery period without falling into problems, such as depression, anxiety, nervousness, boredom? Am I prepared emotionally and financially to seek psychological counseling or help if I need it?
  • Can I handle a complication that may delay my recovery?